Friday, 1 July 2016

Advanced solar PV project experience: Workshop topic schedule

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This topic schedule is for our 5-day Advanced PV Project Experience.  During this project implementation workshop at our solar training center, you will get to assemble, energize, and commission a complete SolarEdge Power-Optimized PV system to the grid.  Participants get to tour a solar equipment distributor and learn best practices for professional level PV system design and project installations.

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We conduct our hands-on workshops at our unique solar lab and training center, and train entrepreneurs and solar pros nationally and internationally using our Online+Online LIVE courses.  Our self-paced online courses feature long access periods and the best instructor mentorship available.  Participants have access to course resources and interactive Online LIVE classrooms throughout their 12 month program. 

Our core curriculum is bundled as the Advanced PV Power Package.  This Onsite+Online+OnlineLIVE package gives you the best of all worlds by combining an instructor-mentored online course with the hands-on project implementation workshop at our solar lab. With a passing score achievement on the Entry Level Exam, the Advanced PV Power Package fulfills all of the training requirements for applying to take NABCEP's PV Installation Professional certification exam.  $1595 with Early Bird Discount | 2 courses | 80 hours:
We also have Advanced Online courses that fulfill the advanced training requirements to apply for either the NABCEP PV Installation Professional or PV Technical Sales professional certification exams.

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